ManagedInstance ManagedInstance ManagedInstance Class


This class implements the managed instance.

public class ManagedInstance : Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Sdk.Sfc.SfcInstance, Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Common.ICreatable, Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Common.IDroppable, Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Sdk.Sfc.ISfcCreatable, Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Sdk.Sfc.ISfcDroppable
type ManagedInstance = class
    inherit SfcInstance
    interface ISfcCreatable
    interface ICreatable
    interface ISfcDroppable
    interface IDroppable
Public Class ManagedInstance
Inherits SfcInstance
Implements ICreatable, IDroppable, ISfcCreatable, ISfcDroppable


ManagedInstance() ManagedInstance() ManagedInstance()

Initializes a new instance of the ManagedInstance class.


AbstractIdentityKey AbstractIdentityKey AbstractIdentityKey Inherited from SfcInstance
AgentProxyAccount AgentProxyAccount AgentProxyAccount

This property gives the agent proxy account of the managed instance.

BackupDirectory BackupDirectory BackupDirectory

This property gives the backup directory for the server instance

CacheDirectory CacheDirectory CacheDirectory

This property gives the cache directory of the managed instance.

Collation Collation Collation

This property gives the collation for the server instance

ComputerNamePhysicalNetBIOS ComputerNamePhysicalNetBIOS ComputerNamePhysicalNetBIOS

This property gives the Physical NetBIOS for the server instance

ComputerProcessorHealthState ComputerProcessorHealthState ComputerProcessorHealthState

Gets the computer processor health state

ContainsOverUtilizedDatabases ContainsOverUtilizedDatabases ContainsOverUtilizedDatabases

Indicates whether any underlying database is over utilized in terms of file space

ContainsOverUtilizedVolumes ContainsOverUtilizedVolumes ContainsOverUtilizedVolumes

Indicates whether any volume on which the database files reside is over utilized

ContainsUnderUtilizedDatabases ContainsUnderUtilizedDatabases ContainsUnderUtilizedDatabases

Indicates whether any underlying database is under utilized in terms of file space

ContainsUnderUtilizedVolumes ContainsUnderUtilizedVolumes ContainsUnderUtilizedVolumes

Indicates whether any volume on which the database files reside is under utilized

CpuMaxClockSpeed CpuMaxClockSpeed CpuMaxClockSpeed

Gets the Maximum clock speed of the CPU in MHz.

CpuName CpuName CpuName

Gets the name of the CPU.

DateCreated DateCreated DateCreated

Returns a DateTimeOffset value representing the creation time of the managed instance. The time is local to the client machine's time zone.

Edition Edition Edition

This property gives the sql edition for the server instance

EngineEdition EngineEdition EngineEdition

This property gives the engine edition for the server instance

FileSpaceHealthState FileSpaceHealthState FileSpaceHealthState

Gets the file space health state


The unique identifier - this is the primary key used to store the object at the backend table

IdentityKey IdentityKey IdentityKey

returns the identity key

InstanceName InstanceName InstanceName

This property gives the instance name for the server instance

IsCaseSensitive IsCaseSensitive IsCaseSensitive

This property gives the case sensitivity for the server instance

IsClustered IsClustered IsClustered

This property gives the clustered state for the server instance

IsPolicyOverridden IsPolicyOverridden IsPolicyOverridden

Indicates whether any policy is overridden for this object

Language Language Language

Gets the Language.

LastReportedTime LastReportedTime LastReportedTime

Gets a DateTimeOffset value representing the most recent set of data returned from this managed instance. Time is local to the client machine's time zone.

ManagementState ManagementState ManagementState

This currently read-only property gets the management state of the ManageInstance.

Metadata Metadata Metadata Inherited from SfcInstance
Name Name Name

This property gets the managed instance name

NetName NetName NetName

This property gives the net name for the server instance

OSVersion OSVersion OSVersion

Gets the OS Version.

Parent Parent Parent

ManagedInstance's parent is set as the Utility.

PhysicalMemory PhysicalMemory PhysicalMemory

Gets the physical memory of the computer.

Processors Processors Processors

Gets the number of logical processors.

ProductLevel ProductLevel ProductLevel

This property gives the product level for the server instance

Properties Properties Properties Inherited from SfcInstance
PropertyStorageProvider PropertyStorageProvider PropertyStorageProvider

This property returns the default implementation of SFC for ISfcPropertyStorageProvider interface, it can be overriden in the child classes to return another storage provider (i.e. flat properties list)

(Inherited from SfcInstance)
ServerProcessorHealthState ServerProcessorHealthState ServerProcessorHealthState

Gets the server instance processor health state

ServerType ServerType ServerType

This property gives the server type for the server instance

ServerUrn ServerUrn ServerUrn

This property gives the urn for the server instance

State State State Inherited from SfcInstance
Urn Urn Urn

Create a new Urn string on each request and return it.

(Inherited from SfcInstance)
Version Version Version

This property gives the version string for the server instance

VolumeSpaceHealthState VolumeSpaceHealthState VolumeSpaceHealthState

Gets the volume space health state


AlterImpl() AlterImpl() AlterImpl() Inherited from SfcInstance
CheckObjectCreated() CheckObjectCreated() CheckObjectCreated()

To be called from domain for when an API requires the object to be Created Stronger than CheckObjectState

(Inherited from SfcInstance)
CheckObjectState() CheckObjectState() CheckObjectState()

To be called from domain for any access to the object

(Inherited from SfcInstance)
CreateIdentityKey() CreateIdentityKey() CreateIdentityKey()

SfcInstance implementation - creates a new key.

CreateImpl() CreateImpl() CreateImpl() Inherited from SfcInstance
Discover(ISfcDependencyDiscoveryObjectSink) Discover(ISfcDependencyDiscoveryObjectSink) Discover(ISfcDependencyDiscoveryObjectSink) Inherited from SfcInstance
DropImpl() DropImpl() DropImpl() Inherited from SfcInstance
GetChildCollection(String) GetChildCollection(String) GetChildCollection(String)

SfcInstance implementation - Gets the SfcCollection for the children of Managed Instance.

GetDomain() GetDomain() GetDomain() Inherited from SfcInstance
GetObjectFactory() GetObjectFactory() GetObjectFactory()

Gets the Factory to create a new instance of ManagedInstance.

GetPropertySet() GetPropertySet() GetPropertySet() Inherited from SfcInstance
GetTypeMetadataImpl() GetTypeMetadataImpl() GetTypeMetadataImpl() Inherited from SfcInstance
InitializeUIPropertyState() InitializeUIPropertyState() InitializeUIPropertyState()

Overridable from the child objects who care about initializing their states (dynamic metadata which is currently the ".Enabled" property)

(Inherited from SfcInstance)
MarkForDropImpl(Boolean) MarkForDropImpl(Boolean) MarkForDropImpl(Boolean) Inherited from SfcInstance
MarkRootAsConnected() MarkRootAsConnected() MarkRootAsConnected() Inherited from SfcInstance
MoveImpl(SfcInstance) MoveImpl(SfcInstance) MoveImpl(SfcInstance) Inherited from SfcInstance
OnPropertyMetadataChanges(SfcPropertyMetadataChangedEventArgs) OnPropertyMetadataChanges(SfcPropertyMetadataChangedEventArgs) OnPropertyMetadataChanges(SfcPropertyMetadataChangedEventArgs) Inherited from SfcInstance
OnPropertyValueChanges(PropertyChangedEventArgs) OnPropertyValueChanges(PropertyChangedEventArgs) OnPropertyValueChanges(PropertyChangedEventArgs) Inherited from SfcInstance
PostAlter(Object) PostAlter(Object) PostAlter(Object) Inherited from SfcInstance
PostCreate(Object) PostCreate(Object) PostCreate(Object)

Perform post-create action

PostDrop(Object) PostDrop(Object) PostDrop(Object) Inherited from SfcInstance
PostMove(Object) PostMove(Object) PostMove(Object) Inherited from SfcInstance
PostRename(Object) PostRename(Object) PostRename(Object) Inherited from SfcInstance
Refresh() Refresh() Refresh()

refreshes the object's properties by reading them from the server

(Inherited from SfcInstance)
Remove(SqlStoreConnection) Remove(SqlStoreConnection) Remove(SqlStoreConnection)

Removes the managed instance from the Utility

RenameImpl(SfcKey) RenameImpl(SfcKey) RenameImpl(SfcKey) Inherited from SfcInstance
ResetKey() ResetKey() ResetKey() Inherited from SfcInstance
Serialize(XmlWriter) Serialize(XmlWriter) Serialize(XmlWriter) Inherited from SfcInstance
ToString() ToString() ToString() Inherited from SfcInstance
UpdateUIPropertyState() UpdateUIPropertyState() UpdateUIPropertyState() Inherited from SfcInstance
Validate() Validate() Validate()

Basic child object's validation

(Inherited from SfcInstance)

Explicit Interface Implementations

ICreatable.Create() ICreatable.Create() ICreatable.Create()

creates the script for running create proc

IDroppable.Drop() IDroppable.Drop() IDroppable.Drop()
ISfcCreatable.ScriptCreate() ISfcCreatable.ScriptCreate() ISfcCreatable.ScriptCreate()

Produces ISfcScript ready to execute

ISfcDroppable.ScriptDrop() ISfcDroppable.ScriptDrop() ISfcDroppable.ScriptDrop()

Scripts deletion of the object


propertyChanged propertyChanged propertyChanged Inherited from SfcInstance
PropertyChanged PropertyChanged PropertyChanged Inherited from SfcInstance
propertyMetadataChanged propertyMetadataChanged propertyMetadataChanged Inherited from SfcInstance
PropertyMetadataChanged PropertyMetadataChanged PropertyMetadataChanged Inherited from SfcInstance

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