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The NameKey class is used to identify the object within Utility which have "Name" property as the key

public abstract class NameKey : Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Sdk.Sfc.SfcKey
type NameKey = class
    inherit SfcKey
Public MustInherit Class NameKey
Inherits SfcKey


NameKey(String) NameKey(String) NameKey(String)

Constructor taking the keyName


InstanceType InstanceType InstanceType

The Type of the instance class associated with this key class. Default impl is the way a nested key class would do it for compatiblity with existing models using that technique. This should be overriden in any key class which is not a nested class of the instance type.

(Inherited from SfcKey)
Name Name Name

Property for getting the key Name


Equals(Object) Equals(Object) Equals(Object)

Equality and Hashing

Equals(Object, Object) Equals(Object, Object) Equals(Object, Object)
Equals(SfcKey) Equals(SfcKey) Equals(SfcKey)
GetHashCode() GetHashCode() GetHashCode()

Equality and Hashing

GetUrnFragment() GetUrnFragment() GetUrnFragment()

Each Key must implement how to produce a valid XPath-oriented identity string fragmentwhich is used to build complete and valid Urn from a SfcKeyChain of Key[].

(Inherited from SfcKey)
ToString() ToString() ToString()

Each Key

(Inherited from SfcKey)


Equality(NameKey, NameKey) Equality(NameKey, NameKey) Equality(NameKey, NameKey)
Equality(NameKey, Object) Equality(NameKey, Object) Equality(NameKey, Object)
Equality(Object, NameKey) Equality(Object, NameKey) Equality(Object, NameKey)
Inequality(NameKey, NameKey) Inequality(NameKey, NameKey) Inequality(NameKey, NameKey)
Inequality(NameKey, Object) Inequality(NameKey, Object) Inequality(NameKey, Object)
Inequality(Object, NameKey) Inequality(Object, NameKey) Inequality(Object, NameKey)

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