MergeSessionSummary MergeSessionSummary MergeSessionSummary MergeSessionSummary Class


Represents Merge Agent session information.

public ref class MergeSessionSummary sealed
public sealed class MergeSessionSummary
type MergeSessionSummary = class
Public NotInheritable Class MergeSessionSummary


The MergeSessionSummary class represents a row returned by the sp_replmonitorhelpmergesession (Transact-SQL) stored procedure.

This namespace, class, or member is supported only in version 2.0 of the Microsoft .NET Framework.


MergeSessionSummary() MergeSessionSummary() MergeSessionSummary() MergeSessionSummary()

Creates an instance of the MergeSessionSummary class.


CurrentPhase CurrentPhase CurrentPhase CurrentPhase

Gets or sets the current phase of an active session.

Duration Duration Duration Duration

Gets or sets the length of the session, in seconds.

EndTime EndTime EndTime EndTime

Gets or sets the end time of the session.

Errors Errors Errors Errors

Gets or sets the errors that occurred during the synchronization.

LastMessage LastMessage LastMessage LastMessage

Gets or sets the last message returned by the agent during the session.

NumberOfDownloads NumberOfDownloads NumberOfDownloads NumberOfDownloads

Gets or sets the number of rows downloaded during the session.

NumberOfUploads NumberOfUploads NumberOfUploads NumberOfUploads

Gets or sets the number of rows downloaded during the session.

PercentComplete PercentComplete PercentComplete PercentComplete

Gets or sets the progress of a running session, as a percentage.

SessionId SessionId SessionId SessionId

Gets or sets the identifier for the session.

StartTime StartTime StartTime StartTime

Gets or sets the starting time for the session.

Status Status Status Status

Gets or sets the status of the session.

TimeRemaining TimeRemaining TimeRemaining TimeRemaining

Gets or sets the estimated time remaining for a running session.

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