ReplicationMonitor.EnumDistributionAgents ReplicationMonitor.EnumDistributionAgents ReplicationMonitor.EnumDistributionAgents ReplicationMonitor.EnumDistributionAgents Method


Returns information on Distribution Agent jobs at the monitored Distributor.

 System::Data::DataSet ^ EnumDistributionAgents();
public System.Data.DataSet EnumDistributionAgents ();
member this.EnumDistributionAgents : unit -> System.Data.DataSet
Public Function EnumDistributionAgents () As DataSet


A DataSet object that contains the following columns.

Column Data type Description
db_name String Name of the distribution database.
name String Name of the replication agent job.
status Int32 The running status: 1 = Start 2 = Succeed 3 = In progress 4 = Idle 5 = Retry 6 = Fail
publisher String Publisher name.
publisher_db String Name of the publication database.
publication String Publication name.
subscriber String Subscriber name.
subscriber_db String Name of the subscription database.
subscription_type Int32 The type of subscription: 0 = Push 1 = Pull 2 = Anonymous
start_time String Date and time of the last agent execution.
time String Date and time that the session was logged.
duration Int32 Elapsed time of the session, in seconds.
comments String Message text logged by the agent.
delivery_time Int32 The time the first transaction is delivered.
delivered_transactions Int32 Total number of transactions delivered in the session.
delivered_commands Int32 Total number of commands delivered in the session.
average_commands Int32 Average number of commands per transaction delivered in the session.
delivery_rate Single Average number of commands delivered per second.
delivery_latency Int32 Latency, in milliseconds, between the transaction entering the distribution database and being applied to the Subscriber.
error_id Int32 The ID of the error in the [MSrepl_errors (Transact-SQL)]( system table. Use the EnumErrorRecords(Int32) method to return detailed information about an error.
job_id Byte **[16]** Identifier of the SQL Server Agent job starting the replication agent.
local_job Boolean When true, the agent job is available at the Distributor.
profile_id Int32 Profile identifier.
agent_id Int32 Agent job identifier.
local_timestamp Byte **[8]** Timestamp of the most recent agent run.
offload_enabled Boolean If true, the subscription supports remote agent activation.
offload_server Boolean Name of the server used with remote agent activation.
subscriber_type Byte The data source type at the Subscriber: 0 = SQL Server Subscriber. 1 = Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) data source.


The EnumDistributionAgents method can only be called by members of the db_owner or replmonitor fixed database roles on a distribution database at the Distributor.

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