ReplicationMonitor.EnumPublishers ReplicationMonitor.EnumPublishers ReplicationMonitor.EnumPublishers ReplicationMonitor.EnumPublishers Method


Returns information on the Publishers that use the monitored Distributor.

 System::Data::DataSet ^ EnumPublishers();
public System.Data.DataSet EnumPublishers ();
member this.EnumPublishers : unit -> System.Data.DataSet
Public Function EnumPublishers () As DataSet


A DataSet object that contains the following columns.

Column Data type Description
name String Name of Publisher.
distribution_db String Distribution database for the specified Publisher.
security_mode Int32 Security mode used by the replication agent in a push subscription to connect to the Publisher.
login String Login name used by the replication agent in a push subscription to connect to the Publisher.
password String Password returned (in simple encrypted form). Password is null for users other than sysadmin.
active Boolean Whether a remote Publisher is using the local server as a Distributor:
working_directory String Name of the working directory.
trusted Boolean If the password is required when the Publisher connects to the Distributor. For Microsoft SQL Server 2005, this should always return 0, which means that the password is required.
thirdparty_flag Boolean Whether the publication is enabled by SQL Server or by a third-party application: false = Oracle, or Oracle Gateway Publisher. true = Publisher has been integrated with SQL Server using a third-party application.
publisher_type String Type of Publisher, which can be one of the following: MSSQLSERVER ORACLE ORACLE GATEWAY
publisher_data_source String Name of the OLE DB data source on the Publisher.


You should commit any property changes to the ReplicationMonitor object before calling this method because properties of this object may need to be loaded if they have not been loaded already.

If a Distributor is not installed or the distribution database is not created, this method throws an exception.

The EnumPublishers method can only be retrieved by members of the sysadmin fixed server role at the Distributor, by members of the db_owner or replmonitor fixed database role in the distribution database, or by users in the publication access list (PAL) of a publication that uses the Distributor.

Retrieving EnumPublishers is equivalent to executing sp_helpdistpublisher (Transact-SQL).

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