AlterTableAlterColumnOption AlterTableAlterColumnOption AlterTableAlterColumnOption Enum


The options for alter column version of alter table statement. AddRowguidcol, DropRowguidcol can only happen if there is no DataType.

public enum AlterTableAlterColumnOption
type AlterTableAlterColumnOption = 
Public Enum AlterTableAlterColumnOption


AddHidden AddHidden AddHidden 13

Add hidden flag to temporal generated always column

AddMaskingFunction AddMaskingFunction AddMaskingFunction 11

Add Masking Function for the column.

AddNotForReplication AddNotForReplication AddNotForReplication 7

Add not for replication for the column.

AddPersisted AddPersisted AddPersisted 5

Add persisted for the column.

AddRowGuidCol AddRowGuidCol AddRowGuidCol 1

Add Rowguidcol for the column.

AddSparse AddSparse AddSparse 9

Add Sparse for the column.

DropHidden DropHidden DropHidden 14

Drops hidden flag to temporal generated always column

DropMaskingFunction DropMaskingFunction DropMaskingFunction 12

Drop Masking Function for the column.

DropNotForReplication DropNotForReplication DropNotForReplication 8

Drop not for replication for the column.

DropPersisted DropPersisted DropPersisted 6

Drop persisted for the column.

DropRowGuidCol DropRowGuidCol DropRowGuidCol 2

Drop Rowguidcol for the column.

DropSparse DropSparse DropSparse 10

Drop Sparse for the column.

Encryption Encryption Encryption 15

Add Always Encryption details for column

NoOptionDefined NoOptionDefined NoOptionDefined 0

No option defined

NotNull NotNull NotNull 4

Not null was defined.

Null Null Null 3

Null was defined.

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