Device Device Device Class


Represents a device associated with a customer.

public sealed class Device : Microsoft.Store.PartnerCenter.Models.ResourceBase
type Device = class
    inherit ResourceBase
Public NotInheritable Class Device
Inherits ResourceBase


Device() Device() Device()


AllowedOperations AllowedOperations AllowedOperations

Gets or sets the list of HTTP methods allowed on a device as GET, PATCH, DELETE.

Attributes Attributes Attributes

Gets the attributes.

(Inherited from ResourceBase)
HardwareHash HardwareHash HardwareHash

Gets or sets the hardware hash associated with a device.

Id Id Id

Gets or sets the device unique identifier.

ModelName ModelName ModelName

Gets or sets the device model name associated with the device.

OemManufacturerName OemManufacturerName OemManufacturerName

Gets or sets the OEM manufacturer name.

Policies Policies Policies

Gets or sets the list of policies assigned to a device.

ProductKey ProductKey ProductKey

Gets or sets the product key uniquely associated with a device.

SerialNumber SerialNumber SerialNumber

Gets or sets the serial number associated with a device.

UploadedDate UploadedDate UploadedDate

Gets or sets the UTC date the device was uploaded.

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