AssemblyInfo AssemblyInfo AssemblyInfo AssemblyInfo Class


Provides properties for getting the information about the application, such as the version number, description, loaded assemblies, and so on.

public ref class AssemblyInfo
public class AssemblyInfo
type AssemblyInfo = class
Public Class AssemblyInfo


This example uses the My.Application.Info.Version property to display the version of the application.

MsgBox("Application version: " & My.Application.Info.Version.ToString)


Some of the properties exposed by the My.Application.Info object return the application's assembly information. To set the information in the application's assembly, you must use the Assembly Information dialog box, accessible from the Application pane of the Project Designer.

The My.Application.Info object provides functionality similar to the FileVersionInfo class but is scoped to give quick access to the most common properties.

Other properties, such as LoadedAssemblies, provide access to the current state of the application.


AssemblyInfo(Assembly) AssemblyInfo(Assembly) AssemblyInfo(Assembly) AssemblyInfo(Assembly)

Initializes a new instance of the AssemblyInfo class with the specified assembly information.


AssemblyName AssemblyName AssemblyName AssemblyName

Gets the name, without the extension, of the assembly file for the application.

CompanyName CompanyName CompanyName CompanyName

Gets the company name associated with the application.

Copyright Copyright Copyright Copyright

Gets the copyright notice associated with the application.

Description Description Description Description

Gets the description associated with the application.

DirectoryPath DirectoryPath DirectoryPath DirectoryPath

Gets the directory where the application is stored.

LoadedAssemblies LoadedAssemblies LoadedAssemblies LoadedAssemblies

Gets a collection of all assemblies loaded by the application.

ProductName ProductName ProductName ProductName

Gets the product name associated with the application.

StackTrace StackTrace StackTrace StackTrace

Gets the current stack-trace information.

Title Title Title Title

Gets the title associated with the application.

Trademark Trademark Trademark Trademark

Gets the trademark notice associated with the application.

Version Version Version Version

Gets the version number of the application.

WorkingSet WorkingSet WorkingSet WorkingSet

Gets the amount of physical memory mapped to the process context.


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Gets the Type of the current instance.

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