IPriorityQueue<TValue,TCont> IPriorityQueue<TValue,TCont> IPriorityQueue<TValue,TCont> IPriorityQueue<TValue,TCont> Interface


Defines the interface for an STL/CLR priority_queue object.

generic <typename TValue, typename TCont>
public interface class IPriorityQueue : ICloneable
public interface IPriorityQueue<TValue,TCont> : ICloneable
type IPriorityQueue<'Value, 'Cont> = interface
    interface ICloneable
Public Interface IPriorityQueue(Of TValue, TCont)
Implements ICloneable

Type Parameters


The type of an element in the controlled sequence.


The type of the underlying container.



top_item top_item top_item top_item

Accesses the highest-priority element of the container.


assign(IPriorityQueue<TValue,TCont>) assign(IPriorityQueue<TValue,TCont>) assign(IPriorityQueue<TValue,TCont>) assign(IPriorityQueue<TValue,TCont>)

Replaces all elements of the container.

Clone() Clone() Clone() Clone()

Creates a new object that is a copy of the current instance.

(Inherited from ICloneable)
empty() empty() empty() empty()

Determines whether the container contains no elements.

get_container() get_container() get_container() get_container()

Accesses the underlying container.

pop() pop() pop() pop()

Removes the highest-priority element of the container.

push(TValue) push(TValue) push(TValue) push(TValue)

Adds a new element to the container.

size() size() size() size()

Counts the number of elements in the container.

top() top() top() top()

Accesses the highest-priority element of the container.

value_comp() value_comp() value_comp() value_comp()

Copies the ordering delegate for two elements.

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