StandardGlyphItem StandardGlyphItem StandardGlyphItem StandardGlyphItem Enum


Describes icons or glyphs that are used in statement completion.

public enum class StandardGlyphItem
public enum StandardGlyphItem
type StandardGlyphItem = 
Public Enum StandardGlyphItem


GlyphItemFriend GlyphItemFriend GlyphItemFriend GlyphItemFriend 2

Describes a friend symbol.

GlyphItemInternal GlyphItemInternal GlyphItemInternal GlyphItemInternal 1

Describes an internal symbol.

GlyphItemPrivate GlyphItemPrivate GlyphItemPrivate GlyphItemPrivate 4

Describes a private symbol.

GlyphItemProtected GlyphItemProtected GlyphItemProtected GlyphItemProtected 3

Describes a protected symbol.

GlyphItemPublic GlyphItemPublic GlyphItemPublic GlyphItemPublic 0

Describes a public symbol.

GlyphItemShortcut GlyphItemShortcut GlyphItemShortcut GlyphItemShortcut 5

Describes a shortcut symbol.

TotalGlyphItems TotalGlyphItems TotalGlyphItems TotalGlyphItems 6

Describes a symbol that has all (or none) of the standard attributes.

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