ILanguageClient ILanguageClient ILanguageClient ILanguageClient Interface


Interface representing a language client which connects to a language sever protocol based language server.

public interface class ILanguageClient
public interface ILanguageClient
type ILanguageClient = interface
Public Interface ILanguageClient


All of the methods defined in this interface must be implemented and should not default to throw NotImplementedException.


ConfigurationSections ConfigurationSections ConfigurationSections ConfigurationSections

Gets the configuration section names for the language client. This may be null if the language client does not provide settings.

FilesToWatch FilesToWatch FilesToWatch FilesToWatch

Gets the list of file names to watch for changes. Changes will be sent to the server via 'workspace/didChangeWatchedFiles' message. The files to watch must be under the current active workspace. The file names can be specified as a relative paths to the exact file, or as glob patterns following the standard in .gitignore see files.

InitializationOptions InitializationOptions InitializationOptions InitializationOptions

Gets the initialization options object the client wants to send when 'initialize' message is sent. This may be null if the client does not need custom initialization options.

Name Name Name Name

Gets the name of the language client (displayed to the user).


ActivateAsync(CancellationToken) ActivateAsync(CancellationToken) ActivateAsync(CancellationToken) ActivateAsync(CancellationToken)

Activates the language server.

OnLoadedAsync() OnLoadedAsync() OnLoadedAsync() OnLoadedAsync()

Signals that the extension has been loaded. The server can be started immediately, or wait for user action to start. To start the server, invoke the StartAsync event;

OnServerInitializedAsync() OnServerInitializedAsync() OnServerInitializedAsync() OnServerInitializedAsync()

Signals the extension that the language server has been successfully initialized.

OnServerInitializeFailedAsync(Exception) OnServerInitializeFailedAsync(Exception) OnServerInitializeFailedAsync(Exception) OnServerInitializeFailedAsync(Exception)

Signals the extension that the language server failed to initialize.


StartAsync StartAsync StartAsync StartAsync

Async event to indicate that server should be started. If the server is already started, the request to start will be ignored.

StopAsync StopAsync StopAsync StopAsync

Async event to indicate that server should be stopped, if the server has been started.

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