ViewFilter.IsExpansionUIActive Property


Determines if the code snippet expansion user interface (UI) is active.

 virtual property bool IsExpansionUIActive { bool get(); };
 virtual property bool IsExpansionUIActive { bool get(); };
public virtual bool IsExpansionUIActive { get; }
member this.IsExpansionUIActive : bool
Public Overridable ReadOnly Property IsExpansionUIActive As Boolean

Property Value


If the expansion UI is active, returns true; otherwise, returns false.


When a code snippet is inserted, the editor can change to special mode where the snippet can be modified in place. This special mode allows the user to select different values for an insertion field and tab between the insertion fields. While this expansion mode is active, any other command that language service might support is bypassed.

The base method obtains the IVsTextViewEx interface from the IVsTextView object that was passed to the ViewFilter class constructor. The base method then calls the IsExpansionUIActive method on the IVsTextViewEx interface to determine if the expansion UI is active.

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