SearchMRUListBoxItem SearchMRUListBoxItem SearchMRUListBoxItem SearchMRUListBoxItem Class


Microsoft internal use only. Implements an item in the most recently used (MRU) items list for the Visual Studio Common Search Control.

public ref class SearchMRUListBoxItem : System::Windows::Controls::ListBoxItem
public class SearchMRUListBoxItem : System.Windows.Controls.ListBoxItem
type SearchMRUListBoxItem = class
    inherit ListBoxItem
Public Class SearchMRUListBoxItem
Inherits ListBoxItem


SearchMRUListBoxItem() SearchMRUListBoxItem() SearchMRUListBoxItem() SearchMRUListBoxItem()

Creates an instance of the class.


MRUItemDeletedEvent MRUItemDeletedEvent MRUItemDeletedEvent MRUItemDeletedEvent

Event fires when an item is deleted from the MRU list.

MRUItemSelectedEvent MRUItemSelectedEvent MRUItemSelectedEvent MRUItemSelectedEvent

Event fires when an item is selected in the MRU list.


OnCreateAutomationPeer() OnCreateAutomationPeer() OnCreateAutomationPeer() OnCreateAutomationPeer()

Microsoft internal use only.

OnKeyDown(KeyEventArgs) OnKeyDown(KeyEventArgs) OnKeyDown(KeyEventArgs) OnKeyDown(KeyEventArgs)

Called when a key down action occurs in the MRU list.

OnMouseDown(MouseButtonEventArgs) OnMouseDown(MouseButtonEventArgs) OnMouseDown(MouseButtonEventArgs) OnMouseDown(MouseButtonEventArgs)

Called when a mouse down action occurs in the MRU list.


MRUItemDeleted MRUItemDeleted MRUItemDeleted MRUItemDeleted

Fires when an item is deleted from the MRU list.

MRUItemSelected MRUItemSelected MRUItemSelected MRUItemSelected

Fires when an item is selected in the MRU list.

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