SearchOptionDataSource.PropertyNames SearchOptionDataSource.PropertyNames SearchOptionDataSource.PropertyNames SearchOptionDataSource.PropertyNames SearchOptionDataSource.PropertyNames Class


Represents the names of the attributes of a search option data source.

public: ref class SearchOptionDataSource::PropertyNames abstract sealed
class SearchOptionDataSource::PropertyNames abstract sealed
public static class SearchOptionDataSource.PropertyNames
type SearchOptionDataSource.PropertyNames = class
Public Class SearchOptionDataSource.PropertyNames


DisplayText DisplayText DisplayText DisplayText DisplayText

The name of the value of the display text for the search option. Value is “DisplayText”.

Tooltip Tooltip Tooltip Tooltip Tooltip

The name of the value of the tooltip text for the search option. Value is “Tooltip”.

Type Type Type Type Type

The name of the type for the search option. Value is “Type”.

Value Value Value Value Value

The name of the value of a Boolean search option. Value is “Value”.

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