FontInfo FontInfo FontInfo Struct


Provides a basic definition of any font used by a category of Display Items.

public struct FontInfo
type FontInfo = struct
Public Structure FontInfo


The bFaceNameValid, bPointSizeValid, bCharSetValid flags indicate which values have been changed by users. If a value hasn't changed, its flag will be false.


bCharSetValid bCharSetValid bCharSetValid

A setting of true indicates that the character set is valid.

bFaceNameValid bFaceNameValid bFaceNameValid

A setting of true indicates that the face name is valid.

bPointSizeValid bPointSizeValid bPointSizeValid

A setting of true indicates that the point size is valid.

bstrFaceName bstrFaceName bstrFaceName

String containing the name of the font.

iCharSet iCharSet iCharSet

Integer containing the character set, (e.g., RUSSIAN_CHARSET).

wPointSize wPointSize wPointSize

Specifies the point size of the font.

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