IOleInPlaceComponentSite IOleInPlaceComponentSite IOleInPlaceComponentSite Interface


The IOleInPlaceComponentSite interface is currently not supported. When supported, it will be implemented by the container of an in-place VSPackage object to control the UI mode of the object.

public interface IOleInPlaceComponentSite
type IOleInPlaceComponentSite = interface
Public Interface IOleInPlaceComponentSite

Notes to Implementers

Any container of an in-place VSPackage object implements IOleInPlaceComponentSite on its object that also implements IOleClientSite and IServiceProvider. Because the environment is the container for many in-place objects, it implements this interface, as do VSPackages.

Notes to Callers

When supported, in-place VSPackage objects will call the IOleInPlaceComponentSite interface to change the UI mode of their containers.


SetUIMode(UInt32) SetUIMode(UInt32) SetUIMode(UInt32)

Changes the UI mode of an in-place VSPackage object. This method is currently not supported.

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