ISelectionContainer ISelectionContainer ISelectionContainer Interface


Provides access to objects used to update the Properties window.

public interface ISelectionContainer
type ISelectionContainer = interface
Public Interface ISelectionContainer


An ISelectionContainer pointer is included in the selection context, a collection of information that is part of the environment's native implementation and intimately connected to each window frame. When changes occur that affect the Properties window, the VSPackage must alert the environment by calling the OnSelectChange method with the ISelectionContainer object that reflects the current selection context. The environment then makes calls to ISelectionContainer methods to retrieve one or more IDispatch objects. These objects provide access to the data needed to update the Properties window.

Windows Server 2003 can support single or multiple selections. If multiple selection is supported, the Properties window displays the intersection of properties, meaning properties that all selections have in common. The combo box that normally indicates the name of the selection in the Properties window is blank.

Notes to Implementers

ISelectionContainer is the mechanism used by windows to push information to the Properties window. A VSPackage should include an ISelectionContainer object for each object (typically a window) that contains selectable objects with related properties to be displayed in the Properties window.

The environment implements ISelectionContainer for all of its windows.

Notes to Callers

The environment calls the methods of ISelectionContainer to select or retrieve IDispatch objects to display in the Properties window.


CountObjects(UInt32, UInt32) CountObjects(UInt32, UInt32) CountObjects(UInt32, UInt32)

Returns either a count of the total number of objects available or a count of the objects in the current selection.

GetObjects(UInt32, UInt32, Object[]) GetObjects(UInt32, UInt32, Object[]) GetObjects(UInt32, UInt32, Object[])

Returns either the objects that are currently selected or the objects that are selectable.

SelectObjects(UInt32, Object[], UInt32) SelectObjects(UInt32, Object[], UInt32) SelectObjects(UInt32, Object[], UInt32)

Returns one or more objects selected from a group of objects.

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