IVsDocDataFileChangeControl IVsDocDataFileChangeControl IVsDocDataFileChangeControl IVsDocDataFileChangeControl Interface


Determines whether changes to document data files made outside of the editor should be ignored.

public interface class IVsDocDataFileChangeControl
public interface IVsDocDataFileChangeControl
type IVsDocDataFileChangeControl = interface
Public Interface IVsDocDataFileChangeControl


All editors should implement LoadDocData. This means that the editor advises for file change events through SVsFileChangeEx to listen for changes to the file outside of the environment. The editor would then prompt the user to reload the file. See AdviseFileChange for information relating to advising for file changes.

All editors that properly implement this reload feature need to implement IVsDocDataFileChangeControl to allow listeners like Source Code Control to tell the editor to ignore file changes at specific times. For example, when Source Code Control is getting the latest version of the file it will directly call ReloadDocData at the appropriate time rather than allowing the user to be prompted to reload the file.


IgnoreFileChanges(Int32) IgnoreFileChanges(Int32) IgnoreFileChanges(Int32) IgnoreFileChanges(Int32)

Determines whether changes to DocData in files should be ignored.

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