IVsGeneratorProgress Interface


Enables the single file generator to report on its progress and to provide additional warning and/or error information.

public interface class IVsGeneratorProgress
public interface class IVsGeneratorProgress
__interface IVsGeneratorProgress
public interface IVsGeneratorProgress
type IVsGeneratorProgress = interface
Public Interface IVsGeneratorProgress


When a custom tool is loaded, or the input for a custom tool is saved, the Visual Basic or Visual C# project system invokes the Generate Method, and passes a reference to IVsGeneratorProgress that enables the single file generator to report its progress to the user.


GeneratorError(Int32, UInt32, String, UInt32, UInt32)

Returns warning and error information to the project system.

Progress(UInt32, UInt32)

Sets an index that specifies how much of the generation has been completed.

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