IVsMSBuildTaskFileManager IVsMSBuildTaskFileManager IVsMSBuildTaskFileManager Interface


Enables MSBuild to use memory instead of disk files for Intellisense builds.

public interface IVsMSBuildTaskFileManager
type IVsMSBuildTaskFileManager = interface
Public Interface IVsMSBuildTaskFileManager


This is an interface by which MSBuild tasks can communicate with the specific MSBuild host object VsMSBuildTaskFileManager. This provides MSBuild tasks with the ability to use in memory files instead of disk files for Intellisense builds.


Delete(String) Delete(String) Delete(String)

Deletes a file on disk and removes it from the RDT.

Exists(String, Int32, Int32) Exists(String, Int32, Int32) Exists(String, Int32, Int32)

Determines if a file exists in the RDT or on disk.

GetFileContents(String, String) GetFileContents(String, String) GetFileContents(String, String)

Gets the contents of a specified file.

GetFileDocData(String, IntPtr) GetFileDocData(String, IntPtr) GetFileDocData(String, IntPtr)

Gets the DocData object for a file registered in the RDT.

GetFileLastChangeTime(String, FILETIME[]) GetFileLastChangeTime(String, FILETIME[]) GetFileLastChangeTime(String, FILETIME[])

Gets the time of the last change to a file.

IsRealBuildOperation(Int32) IsRealBuildOperation(Int32) IsRealBuildOperation(Int32)

Determines if a build is real or for design-time Intellisense.

PutGeneratedFileContents(String, String) PutGeneratedFileContents(String, String) PutGeneratedFileContents(String, String)

Puts the contents of a generated file into an in-memory buffer and registers it in the RDT.

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