IVsObjectManager2 Interface


Used by a VSPackage to register and unregister the symbol libraries with the Visual Studio object manager and create component sets that can be browsed. To obtain a reference to the Visual Studio object manager, call global service provider which is passed to you by the SetSite(IServiceProvider) method.

public interface class IVsObjectManager2
public interface class IVsObjectManager2
__interface IVsObjectManager2
public interface IVsObjectManager2
type IVsObjectManager2 = interface
Public Interface IVsObjectManager2

Notes to Implementers

Implemented by the Visual Studio environment.



Creates an empty component set which cam be manually populated with the components from simple sets and removes duplicate components. The component set can be used by a library to present project references in the Object Browser.

CreateProjectReferenceSet(Object, IVsSimpleBrowseComponentSet)

Creates a simple component set which is automatically populated and synchronized with Visual Studio project references.

CreateSimpleBrowseComponentSet(UInt32, Guid[], UInt32, IVsSimpleBrowseComponentSet)

Creates an empty component set which can be manually populated with components that can be browsed.


Retrieves a list of all symbol libraries currently registered with the Visual Studio object manager.

FindLibrary(Guid, IVsLibrary2)

Finds a specific symbol library registered with the with the Visual Studio object manager.

GetListAndIndex(IVsNavInfo, UInt32, IVsObjectList2, UInt32)

Finds an IVsObjectList2 and an index of a symbol defined by IVsNavInfo.

ParseDataObject(IDataObject, IVsSelectedSymbols)

Parses the data object created by Class View during drag-drop or copy operations.

RegisterLibrary(IVsLibrary2, UInt32)

Registers a symbol library with the Visual Studio object manager.

RegisterSimpleLibrary(IVsSimpleLibrary2, UInt32)

Registers a managed code symbol library with the Visual Studio object manager.


Unregisters a symbol library.

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