IVsSingleFileGenerator Interface


Transforms a single input file into a single output file that can be compiled or added to a project. Any COM component that implements the IVsSingleFileGenerator is a custom tool.

public interface class IVsSingleFileGenerator
public interface class IVsSingleFileGenerator
__interface IVsSingleFileGenerator
public interface IVsSingleFileGenerator
type IVsSingleFileGenerator = interface
Public Interface IVsSingleFileGenerator


Any custom tool that is a COM component must implement the IVsSingleFileGenerator interface.

Notes to Implementers

The IVsSingleFileGenerator interface is invoked under the following circumstances:

You assign a custom tool to an input file in Visual Studio by setting the CustomTool property in the Properties window of the Visual Basic or Visual C# file selected in Solution Explorer. The component must already be registered as a custom tool before it can be assigned to an input file.

- The user changes the CustomToolNamespace property of a file. - The input file to the custom tool is saved. - The extensibility method RunCustomTool is invoked on a VSProjectItem.



Retrieves the file extension that is given to the output file name.

Generate(String, String, String, IntPtr[], UInt32, IVsGeneratorProgress)

Executes the transformation and returns the newly generated output file, whenever a custom tool is loaded, or the input file is saved.

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