IVsWindowFrameNotify2 IVsWindowFrameNotify2 IVsWindowFrameNotify2 IVsWindowFrameNotify2 Interface


Notifies clients when a window frame is closed.

public interface class IVsWindowFrameNotify2
public interface IVsWindowFrameNotify2
type IVsWindowFrameNotify2 = interface
Public Interface IVsWindowFrameNotify2


This interface is to support the rare instance where a window frame hosts multiple doc windows, and needs to be notified when the host window frame is being closed.

Notes to Implementers

Implemented by a VSPackage that supports multiple document windows in a single window frame.

Notes to Callers

Called by the environment when a window frame is closed.


OnClose(UInt32) OnClose(UInt32) OnClose(UInt32) OnClose(UInt32)

Notifies the VSPackage that a window frame is closing and tells the environment what action to take.

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