SVsSolution Interface


Passed to GetService(Type) to return a reference to IVsSolution.

public interface class SVsSolution
public interface class SVsSolution
__interface SVsSolution
public interface SVsSolution
type SVsSolution = interface
Public Interface SVsSolution


The SVsSolution is accessible as a global service and is a single object which lives in the environment for the entire duration of the environment's lifetime:

A VSPackage can call QueryService for SID_SVsSolution before a solution is open.

If a solution is opened, closed and another solution open, is the SVsSolution service interface pointer remains constant. It is not necessary to unadvise for SolutionEvents when a Solution is closed. All event sinks are still maintained.

VSPackages can expect to cache a pointer to the SVsSolution service and the IVsSolution interface will remain valid until after each of the VSPackages call Close. VSPackages should unadvise for SolutionEvents when Close is called.

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