SVsSolutionBuildManager Interface


Passed to GetService(Type) to return a reference to IVsSolutionBuildManager.

public interface class SVsSolutionBuildManager
public interface class SVsSolutionBuildManager
__interface SVsSolutionBuildManager
public interface SVsSolutionBuildManager
type SVsSolutionBuildManager = interface
Public Interface SVsSolutionBuildManager


Implemented by the environment, IVsSolutionBuildManager and IVsSolutionBuildManager2 orchestrate the building of projects within the solution. The solution build manager manages the set of dependencies between projects at the project level and will build those projects in the correct order based on those dependencies.

Solution build dependencies are set using the Solution Configuration property pages.

The projects themselves supply the build system with information relating to their own items and the dependencies between those items.

Project build dependencies are set using the Project Configuration property pages.

For more information relating to Property Pages and setting configurations, see Property Pages and Managing Configuration Options.

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