VsDebugStartupInfo VsDebugStartupInfo VsDebugStartupInfo VsDebugStartupInfo VsDebugStartupInfo Struct


Specifies additional settings that the debugger should pass to CreateProcess when LaunchDebugTargets3(UInt32, VsDebugTargetInfo3[], VsDebugTargetProcessInfo[]) is called with DLO_CreateProcess. The fields in this structure are analogous to those in STARTUPINFO (defined in winbase.h).

public value class VsDebugStartupInfo
struct VsDebugStartupInfo
public struct VsDebugStartupInfo
type VsDebugStartupInfo = struct
Public Structure VsDebugStartupInfo


cbReserved2 cbReserved2 cbReserved2 cbReserved2 cbReserved2


dwCreationFlags dwCreationFlags dwCreationFlags dwCreationFlags dwCreationFlags

Process creation flags to be passed in the dwCreationFlags parameter of CreateProcess.

dwFillAttribute dwFillAttribute dwFillAttribute dwFillAttribute dwFillAttribute

The initial text and background colors of the window.

dwX dwX dwX dwX dwX

The X offset of the window.

dwXCountChars dwXCountChars dwXCountChars dwXCountChars dwXCountChars

the screen buffer width, in columns.

dwXSize dwXSize dwXSize dwXSize dwXSize

The width of the window, in pixels.

dwY dwY dwY dwY dwY

The Y offset of the window.

dwYCountChars dwYCountChars dwYCountChars dwYCountChars dwYCountChars

The height of the window, in character rows.

dwYSize dwYSize dwYSize dwYSize dwYSize

The height of the window, in pixels

flags flags flags flags flags

Specifies how to create a window.

hStdError hStdError hStdError hStdError hStdError

The standard error handle for the process.

hStdInput hStdInput hStdInput hStdInput hStdInput

The standard input handle for the process.

hStdOutput hStdOutput hStdOutput hStdOutput hStdOutput

The standard output channel for the process.

lpDesktop lpDesktop lpDesktop lpDesktop lpDesktop

The name of the desktop.

lpReserved lpReserved lpReserved lpReserved lpReserved


lpReserved2 lpReserved2 lpReserved2 lpReserved2 lpReserved2


lpTitle lpTitle lpTitle lpTitle lpTitle

The title displayed in the title bar.

wShowWindow wShowWindow wShowWindow wShowWindow wShowWindow

Flags that specify how to display the window.

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