IVsHierarchyItem IVsHierarchyItem IVsHierarchyItem IVsHierarchyItem Interface



This API is not CLS-compliant.

Contains instance property information for a single item in an IVsUIHierarchyWindow.

public interface class IVsHierarchyItem : Microsoft::VisualStudio::Shell::ISupportDisposalNotification, System::ComponentModel::INotifyPropertyChanged, System::ComponentModel::INotifyPropertyChanging
public interface IVsHierarchyItem : Microsoft.VisualStudio.Shell.ISupportDisposalNotification, System.ComponentModel.INotifyPropertyChanged, System.ComponentModel.INotifyPropertyChanging
type IVsHierarchyItem = interface
    interface ISupportDisposalNotification
    interface INotifyPropertyChanged
    interface INotifyPropertyChanging
Public Interface IVsHierarchyItem
Implements INotifyPropertyChanged, INotifyPropertyChanging, ISupportDisposalNotification


An IVsHierarchyItem has an associated IVsHierarchyItemIdentity that defines the IVsHierarchy/item identifier or IVsHierarchy/item identifier pair that represents the item. This interface also lets you get properties like text for the items and to enumerate its child and parent items.

A single item in the Solution Explorer (for example, a C# project node) can actually be composed of two different IVsHierarchy implementations with two different item identifiers. As a specific example, the “solution” is an IVsHierarchy representing the “tree” of items in the solution, but the solution’s IVsHierarchy does not know about the content of projects. A specific C# project in the solution is also a separate IVsHierarchy. The node representing the project itself might be node #50 in the IVsHierarchy for the solution, and node VSITEMID_ROOT in the IVsHierarchy for the project. IVsHierarchyItemIdentity and IVsHierarchyItem bind together these two different IVsHierarchy and item identifiers into a single concept.


AreChildrenRealized AreChildrenRealized AreChildrenRealized AreChildrenRealized

Indicates whether the child items of an IVsHierarchyItem have already been enumerated.

CanonicalName CanonicalName CanonicalName CanonicalName

Gets the canonical name of the item, corresponding to the GetCanonicalName(UInt32, String).

Children Children Children Children

Gets the child items of this IVsHierarchyItem.

HierarchyIdentity HierarchyIdentity HierarchyIdentity HierarchyIdentity

Gets the identity that represents this item.

IsBold IsBold IsBold IsBold

Gets or sets whether this item should be rendered bold in an IVsUIHierarchyWindow.

IsCut IsCut IsCut IsCut

Gets or sets whether this item should be rendered as a cut item in an IVsUIHierarchyWindow.

Parent Parent Parent Parent

Gets the parent IVsHierarchyItem for this item.

Text Text Text Text

Gets the text caption for the item in the IVsUIHierarchyWindow, corresponding to the VSHPROPID_Caption property from GetProperty(UInt32, Int32, Object).

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