Package.IVsPackage.GetAutomationObject(String, Object) Package.IVsPackage.GetAutomationObject(String, Object) Method


Gets an automation-friendly object for this package.

int IVsPackage.GetAutomationObject (string propName, out object auto);
Function GetAutomationObject (propName As String, ByRef auto As Object) As Integer Implements IVsPackage.GetAutomationObject
String String

String containing the automation property name.

Object Object

[out] Returns the automation object.


If the method succeeds, S_OK, otherwise an error code.


The default implementation will return auto as null if propName is null, indicating that there is no default automation object. If propName is non-null, it will walk the metadata attributes searching for an options page that has a name of the format: <Category>.<Name>. If the options page has this format and indicates that it supports automation, its automation object will be returned.

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