VsTaskBodyCallback VsTaskBodyCallback VsTaskBodyCallback VsTaskBodyCallback VsTaskBodyCallback Delegate


Used by the asynchronous task library helper as the method type for a task body (what the task executes). Users of the library can either pass in this delegate type directly or use one of the wrapper methods that wraps simpler anonymous functions to this delegate type.

public delegate System::Object ^ VsTaskBodyCallback(IVsTask ^ task, cli::array <IVsTask ^> ^ parentTasks);
public delegate Platform::Object ^ VsTaskBodyCallback(IVsTask ^ task, Platform::Array <IVsTask ^> ^ parentTasks);
public delegate object VsTaskBodyCallback(IVsTask task, IVsTask[] parentTasks);
type VsTaskBodyCallback = delegate of IVsTask * IVsTask[] -> obj
Public Delegate Function VsTaskBodyCallback(task As IVsTask, parentTasks As IVsTask()) As Object 


IVsTask IVsTask IVsTask IVsTask IVsTask

The task that is executing, that is, the asynchronous task to which the task body belongs. This can be used to check if task cancellation was requested.


An array that contains the dependent tasks that had to be completed before your task. Normally this is either empty if the task was a new task, or it contains a single task if the task was a continuation of another task.

Return Value


Returns Object.


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