IClassificationType IClassificationType IClassificationType IClassificationType Interface


The logical classification type of a span of text.

public interface class IClassificationType
public interface IClassificationType
type IClassificationType = interface
Public Interface IClassificationType


All classification types are identified by a unique name.

The IClassificationTypeRegistryService can return an IClassificationType object from this unique name in order to allow clients to access additional information.

Classification types can multiply inherit by stacking ClassificationTypeAttribute attributes.

For more information about classification, see the section "Extending Classification Types and Classification Formats" in Language Service and Editor Extension Points.


BaseTypes BaseTypes BaseTypes BaseTypes

Gets the classification types from which the current IClassificationType is derived.

Classification Classification Classification Classification

Gets the name of the classification type.


IsOfType(String) IsOfType(String) IsOfType(String) IsOfType(String)

Determines whether the current IClassificationType derives from the classification type named type.

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