IWpfTextViewCreationListener IWpfTextViewCreationListener IWpfTextViewCreationListener Interface


Listens to text view created events.

public interface IWpfTextViewCreationListener
type IWpfTextViewCreationListener = interface
Public Interface IWpfTextViewCreationListener


For an example of how to use this interface, see Walkthrough: Customizing the Text View.


Exporters must specify at least one ContentTypeAttribute and one TextViewRoleAttribute, and should mark their export using the following attribute:


Use this interface instead of IWpfTextViewConnectionListener if your extension does not depend on the content type of the text view. This is because SubjectBuffersConnected is called when the content type of an existing buffer is changed to the appropriate content type (as well as when it is connected to the view), while TextViewCreated is called only at the creation of a text view.


TextViewCreated(IWpfTextView) TextViewCreated(IWpfTextView) TextViewCreated(IWpfTextView)

Called when a text view having matching roles is created over a text data model having a matching content type.

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