IWpfTextViewMargin IWpfTextViewMargin IWpfTextViewMargin IWpfTextViewMargin Interface


Represents margins that are attached to an edge of an IWpfTextView.

public interface class IWpfTextViewMargin : IDisposable, Microsoft::VisualStudio::Text::Editor::ITextViewMargin
public interface IWpfTextViewMargin : IDisposable, Microsoft.VisualStudio.Text.Editor.ITextViewMargin
type IWpfTextViewMargin = interface
    interface ITextViewMargin
    interface IDisposable
Public Interface IWpfTextViewMargin
Implements IDisposable, ITextViewMargin


For more information about margins, see the "Margins" section of Inside the Editor. For more information about margins, see the "Extending Margins and Scrollbars" section in Language Service and Editor Extension Points.


VisualElement VisualElement VisualElement VisualElement

Gets the FrameworkElement that renders the margin.

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