NewHiddenRegion NewHiddenRegion NewHiddenRegion NewHiddenRegion NewHiddenRegion Struct


Creates a new outline or hidden text region over the specified text span.

public value class NewHiddenRegion
struct NewHiddenRegion
public struct NewHiddenRegion
type NewHiddenRegion = struct
Public Structure NewHiddenRegion


This structure provides information about characteristics of a new region including the type of region (hidden or outline), the region behavior (client- or editor-controlled), the region state (collapsed or expanded), and the banner text displayed when an outline region is collapsed.


dwBehavior dwBehavior dwBehavior dwBehavior dwBehavior

Determines whether a region is client- or editor-controlled.

dwClient dwClient dwClient dwClient dwClient

Client-defined information that is used to uniquely identify the new region.

dwState dwState dwState dwState dwState

Determines whether the new hidden region is expanded or collapsed. For more information see the HIDDEN_REGION_STATE enumeration.

iType iType iType iType iType

Specifies whether a hidden (concealed) or outline (collapsible) region is created. This member is a permanent property of the region. For more information, see the HIDDEN_REGION_TYPE enumeration.

pszBanner pszBanner pszBanner pszBanner pszBanner

Banner text displayed when the region is collapsed. This value is ignored unless a value of hrbClientControlled is specified for dwBehavior.

tsHiddenText tsHiddenText tsHiddenText tsHiddenText tsHiddenText

Span of text to create the new region for. For more information, see TextSpan.

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