ApplicationPool.ManagedPipelineMode ApplicationPool.ManagedPipelineMode ApplicationPool.ManagedPipelineMode ApplicationPool.ManagedPipelineMode Property


Gets or sets a value that indicates the pipeline mode of managed applications in the current application pool.

 property Microsoft::Web::Administration::ManagedPipelineMode ManagedPipelineMode { Microsoft::Web::Administration::ManagedPipelineMode get(); void set(Microsoft::Web::Administration::ManagedPipelineMode value); };
public Microsoft.Web.Administration.ManagedPipelineMode ManagedPipelineMode { get; set; }
member this.ManagedPipelineMode : Microsoft.Web.Administration.ManagedPipelineMode with get, set
Public Property ManagedPipelineMode As ManagedPipelineMode

Property Value


This property specifies whether the request-processing pipeline mode is Integrated or Classic. In Classic mode, managed application events are executed by using ISAPI. In Integrated mode, ASP.NET request processing integrates directly into the IIS 7 request-processing pipeline. Integrated mode enables you to configure managed modules for Web sites that are developed with unmanaged code. For example, you can use managed Forms authentication for a Web site that is developed with ASP.

You can use this property to configure the pipeline mode of the current application pool. To set default values for all application pools on the server, use the ApplicationPoolDefaults object.

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