ApplicationPool.ProcessModel ApplicationPool.ProcessModel ApplicationPool.ProcessModel ApplicationPool.ProcessModel Property


Gets the process management attributes for the current application pool.

 property Microsoft::Web::Administration::ApplicationPoolProcessModel ^ ProcessModel { Microsoft::Web::Administration::ApplicationPoolProcessModel ^ get(); };
public Microsoft.Web.Administration.ApplicationPoolProcessModel ProcessModel { get; }
member this.ProcessModel : Microsoft.Web.Administration.ApplicationPoolProcessModel
Public ReadOnly Property ProcessModel As ApplicationPoolProcessModel

Property Value


The following example checks value of the Microsoft.Web.Administration.ApplicationPoolProcessModel.MaxProcesses property. If the property is set to value greater than 1, the example resets the value to 1. This code example is part of a larger example provided for the ApplicationPool class.

// Set the process model max process to 1 to prohibit Web Garden
if (applicationPool.ProcessModel.MaxProcesses > 1)
    applicationPool.ProcessModel.MaxProcesses = 1;


You can use the properties and methods of the object returned by this property to configure the process management attributes of the current application pool. To set default values for all application pools on the server, use the ApplicationPoolDefaults object.


The property values of the ApplicationPoolProcessModel object will not be written to the ApplicationHost.config file until the Microsoft.Web.Administration.ServerManager.CommitChanges method is called.

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