CoreWebView2EnvironmentOptions.AdditionalBrowserArguments Property


Gets or sets the additional browser arguments to change the behavior of the WebView.

public string AdditionalBrowserArguments { get; set; }
member this.AdditionalBrowserArguments : string with get, set
Public Property AdditionalBrowserArguments As String

Property Value



The arguments are passed to the browser process as part of the command. For more information about using command-line switches with Chromium browser processes, navigate to [Run Chromium with Flags]( The value appended to a switch is appended to the browser process, for example, in --edge-webview-switches=xxx the value is xxx. If you specify a switch that is important to WebView functionality, it is ignore, for example, --user-data-dir. Specific features are disabled internally and blocked from being enabled. If a switch is specified multiple times, only the last instance is used.

A merge of the different values of the same switch is not attempted, except for disabled and enabled features. The features specified by --enable-features and --disable-features will be merged with simple logic:

  • The features are the union of the specified features and built-in features. If a feature is disabled, it is removed from the enabled features list.

If you specify command-line switches and sets this property, the --edge-webview-switches value takes precedence and is processed last. If a switch fails to parse, the switch is ignored. The default state for the operation is to run the browser process with no extra flags.

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