IPreviewCommand IPreviewCommand IPreviewCommand IPreviewCommand Interface


Provides methods for previewing commands without actually committing the action

public interface class IPreviewCommand : System::Windows::Input::ICommand
public interface IPreviewCommand : System.Windows.Input.ICommand
type IPreviewCommand = interface
    interface ICommand
Public Interface IPreviewCommand
Implements ICommand


CancelPreview() CancelPreview() CancelPreview() CancelPreview()

Defines a method to be called to cancel previewing a command.

CanExecute(Object) CanExecute(Object) CanExecute(Object) CanExecute(Object)

Defines the method that determines whether the command can execute in its current state.

(Inherited from ICommand)
Execute(Object) Execute(Object) Execute(Object) Execute(Object)

Defines the method to be called when the command is invoked.

(Inherited from ICommand)
Preview(Object) Preview(Object) Preview(Object) Preview(Object)

Defines a method to be called when a command is previewed.


CanExecuteChanged CanExecuteChanged CanExecuteChanged CanExecuteChanged

Occurs when changes occur that affect whether or not the command should execute.

(Inherited from ICommand)

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