ClaimTypes ClaimTypes ClaimTypes ClaimTypes Class


Identifies the types of claims that are supported or may be supported in a future product release.

public ref class ClaimTypes abstract sealed
public static class ClaimTypes
type ClaimTypes = class
Public Class ClaimTypes


EntityLogicalName EntityLogicalName EntityLogicalName EntityLogicalName

An entity logical name claim. Value =

InitiatingUser InitiatingUser InitiatingUser InitiatingUser

An initiating user claim. Value =

Organization Organization Organization Organization

An organization claim. Value =

PluginAssembly PluginAssembly PluginAssembly PluginAssembly

A plug-in assembly claim. Value =

PluginPublisher PluginPublisher PluginPublisher PluginPublisher

A plug-in publisher claim. Value =

RequestName RequestName RequestName RequestName

A request name claim. Value =

SecurityToken SecurityToken SecurityToken SecurityToken

A security token claim. Value =

User User User User

A user claim. Value =

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