Dlfcn.RTLD Enum


Dynamic loader resolution flags.

public enum Dlfcn.RTLD
type Dlfcn.RTLD = 


Default -2

Searches all mach-o images in the process (except those loaded with dlopen(xxx, RTLD_LOCAL)) are searched in the order they were loaded. This can be a costly search and should be avoided.

MainOnly -5

Only searches for symbol in the main executable.

Next -1

The dynamic linker searches for the symbol in the dylibs the calling image linked against when built. It is usually used when you intentionally have multiply defined symbol across images and want to find the "next" definition.

Self -3

Search for the symbol starts with the image that called dlsym. If it is not found, the search continues as if Next was used.


These flags are used to control the way the dynamic linker looks up symbols at runtime.

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