NoTVAttribute NoTVAttribute Class


Attribute indicating that an API is not available on tvOS.

public sealed class NoTVAttribute : ObjCRuntime.UnavailableAttribute
type NoTVAttribute = class
    inherit UnavailableAttribute


This class is a shortcut to create an AvailabilityAttribute instance.


NoTVAttribute() NoTVAttribute()

Initializes a new availability attribute specifying that the API is not available on tvOS.


Architecture Architecture

The architectures the attribute applies to (either only 32-bit, only 64-bit or both 32-bit and 64-bit architectures).

(Inherited from AvailabilityBaseAttribute)
AvailabilityKind AvailabilityKind

The type of availability information this attribute contains.

(Inherited from AvailabilityBaseAttribute)
Message Message

Additional information related to the availability information.

(Inherited from AvailabilityBaseAttribute)
Platform Platform

The platform this availability attribute applies to.

(Inherited from AvailabilityBaseAttribute)
Version Version

The version when the API was introduced, deprecated, obsoleted or became unavailable.

(Inherited from AvailabilityBaseAttribute)


ToString() ToString()

Returns a human readable version of the availability attribute.

(Inherited from AvailabilityBaseAttribute)

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