WorkflowInspectionServices.GetActivities(Activity) WorkflowInspectionServices.GetActivities(Activity) WorkflowInspectionServices.GetActivities(Activity) Method


Returns an IEnumerable<T> that represents all activities associated with the input activity.

 static System::Collections::Generic::IEnumerable<System::Activities::Activity ^> ^ GetActivities(System::Activities::Activity ^ activity);
public static System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable<System.Activities.Activity> GetActivities (System.Activities.Activity activity);
static member GetActivities : System.Activities.Activity -> seq<System.Activities.Activity>
Activity Activity Activity

The root activity.


An enumeration that represents all activities associated with the input activity.


The enumeration contains all child activities, delegate handlers, variable defaults, and argument expressions. If the input activity is null, an ArgumentNullException is thrown. The activity tree must remain unmodified and CacheMetadata must not be called while the tree is being enumerated or else an InvalidOperationException is thrown when MoveNext is called.

Calling this method causes a full cache metadata to occur. If you make changes to the workflow after calling this method, you must call the ActivityValidationServices Validate method after making the changes in order to re-cache the metadata.

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