CollectionEditor.CreateCollectionItemType Method


Gets the data type that this collection contains.

 virtual Type ^ CreateCollectionItemType();
protected virtual Type CreateCollectionItemType ();
abstract member CreateCollectionItemType : unit -> Type
override this.CreateCollectionItemType : unit -> Type
Protected Overridable Function CreateCollectionItemType () As Type


The data type of the items in the collection, or an Object if no Item property can be located on the collection.


You can retrieve the data type of the items of the collection from the CollectionItemType property, which is faster than this method.

This method does not need to be called by users, except in derived classes where this method has been overridden and implemented.

The default implementation of this method returns the data type of the Item property of the collection, if it exists.

Notes to Inheritors

Developers can choose to override this method to support collections that do not follow the typical and supported collection model, or when performance is critical, and reflection-based type resolution is too slow.

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