ComponentActionsType Enum


Specifies the type of object-bound smart tag with respect to how it was associated with the component.

public enum class ComponentActionsType
public enum ComponentActionsType
type ComponentActionsType = 
Public Enum ComponentActionsType


All 0

Both types of smart tags.

Component 1

Pull model smart tags only.

Service 2

Push model smart tags only.


The following table describes the two options for associating an object-bound smart tag to a component.

Smart-tag model Description
Pull The class derived from ComponentDesigner that is associated with the component overrides the ActionLists property to return the collection of smart tags for that component.
Push A call to the Add method explicitly associates the specified smart tags with the specified component.

For more information about these smart-tag models, see the DesignerActionService and DesignerActionListCollection classes.

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