ListChangedType ListChangedType ListChangedType ListChangedType Enum


Specifies how the list changed.

public enum class ListChangedType
public enum ListChangedType
type ListChangedType = 
Public Enum ListChangedType


ItemAdded ItemAdded ItemAdded ItemAdded 1

An item added to the list. NewIndex contains the index of the item that was added.

ItemChanged ItemChanged ItemChanged ItemChanged 4

An item changed in the list. NewIndex contains the index of the item that was changed.

ItemDeleted ItemDeleted ItemDeleted ItemDeleted 2

An item deleted from the list. NewIndex contains the index of the item that was deleted.

ItemMoved ItemMoved ItemMoved ItemMoved 3

An item moved within the list. OldIndex contains the previous index for the item, whereas NewIndex contains the new index for the item.

PropertyDescriptorAdded PropertyDescriptorAdded PropertyDescriptorAdded PropertyDescriptorAdded 5

A PropertyDescriptor was added, which changed the schema.

PropertyDescriptorChanged PropertyDescriptorChanged PropertyDescriptorChanged PropertyDescriptorChanged 7

A PropertyDescriptor was changed, which changed the schema.

PropertyDescriptorDeleted PropertyDescriptorDeleted PropertyDescriptorDeleted PropertyDescriptorDeleted 6

A PropertyDescriptor was deleted, which changed the schema.

Reset Reset Reset Reset 0

Much of the list has changed. Any listening controls should refresh all their data from the list.


For an example of using this class, see Handling DataView Events.


Used by the ListChangedType property of the ListChangedEventArgs class to indicate the way an IBindingList object changes.

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