SchemaTableOptionalColumn SchemaTableOptionalColumn SchemaTableOptionalColumn SchemaTableOptionalColumn Class


Describes optional column metadata of the schema for a database table.

public ref class SchemaTableOptionalColumn abstract sealed
public static class SchemaTableOptionalColumn
type SchemaTableOptionalColumn = class
Public Class SchemaTableOptionalColumn


AutoIncrementSeed AutoIncrementSeed AutoIncrementSeed AutoIncrementSeed

Specifies the value at which the series for new identity columns is assigned.

AutoIncrementStep AutoIncrementStep AutoIncrementStep AutoIncrementStep

Specifies the increment between values in the identity column.

BaseCatalogName BaseCatalogName BaseCatalogName BaseCatalogName

The name of the catalog associated with the results of the latest query.

BaseColumnNamespace BaseColumnNamespace BaseColumnNamespace BaseColumnNamespace

The namespace of the column.

BaseServerName BaseServerName BaseServerName BaseServerName

The server name of the column.

BaseTableNamespace BaseTableNamespace BaseTableNamespace BaseTableNamespace

The namespace for the table that contains the column.

ColumnMapping ColumnMapping ColumnMapping ColumnMapping

Specifies the mapping for the column.

DefaultValue DefaultValue DefaultValue DefaultValue

The default value for the column.

Expression Expression Expression Expression

The expression used to compute the column.

IsAutoIncrement IsAutoIncrement IsAutoIncrement IsAutoIncrement

Specifies whether the column values in the column are automatically incremented.

IsHidden IsHidden IsHidden IsHidden

Specifies whether this column is hidden.

IsReadOnly IsReadOnly IsReadOnly IsReadOnly

Specifies whether this column is read-only.

IsRowVersion IsRowVersion IsRowVersion IsRowVersion

Specifies whether this column contains row version information.

ProviderSpecificDataType ProviderSpecificDataType ProviderSpecificDataType ProviderSpecificDataType

Specifies the provider-specific data type of the column.

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