DbMigrationsConfiguration DbMigrationsConfiguration DbMigrationsConfiguration Class


Configuration relating to the use of migrations for a given model. You will typically create a configuration class that derives from DbMigrationsConfiguration<TContext> rather than using this class.

public class DbMigrationsConfiguration
type DbMigrationsConfiguration = class
Public Class DbMigrationsConfiguration


DbMigrationsConfiguration() DbMigrationsConfiguration() DbMigrationsConfiguration()

Initializes a new instance of the DbMigrationsConfiguration class.


DefaultMigrationsDirectory DefaultMigrationsDirectory DefaultMigrationsDirectory

The default directory that migrations are stored in.


AutomaticMigrationDataLossAllowed AutomaticMigrationDataLossAllowed AutomaticMigrationDataLossAllowed

Gets or sets a value indicating if data loss is acceptable during automatic migration. If set to false an exception will be thrown if data loss may occur as part of an automatic migration.

AutomaticMigrationsEnabled AutomaticMigrationsEnabled AutomaticMigrationsEnabled

Gets or sets a value indicating if automatic migrations can be used when migrating the database.

CodeGenerator CodeGenerator CodeGenerator

Gets or sets the code generator to be used when scaffolding migrations.

CommandTimeout CommandTimeout CommandTimeout

Gets or sets the timeout value used for the individual commands within a migration. A null value indicates that the default value of the underlying provider will be used.

ContextKey ContextKey ContextKey

Gets or sets the string used to distinguish migrations belonging to this configuration from migrations belonging to other configurations using the same database. This property enables migrations from multiple different models to be applied to a single database.

ContextType ContextType ContextType

Gets or sets the derived DbContext representing the model to be migrated.

MigrationsAssembly MigrationsAssembly MigrationsAssembly

Gets or sets the assembly containing code-based migrations.

MigrationsDirectory MigrationsDirectory MigrationsDirectory

Gets or sets the sub-directory that code-based migrations are stored in. Note that this property must be set to a relative path for a sub-directory under the Visual Studio project root; it cannot be set to an absolute path.

MigrationsNamespace MigrationsNamespace MigrationsNamespace

Gets or sets the namespace used for code-based migrations.

TargetDatabase TargetDatabase TargetDatabase

Gets or sets a value to override the connection of the database to be migrated.


GetHistoryContextFactory(String) GetHistoryContextFactory(String) GetHistoryContextFactory(String)

Gets the history context factory that is set to be used with a given database provider.

GetSqlGenerator(String) GetSqlGenerator(String) GetSqlGenerator(String)

Gets the SQL generator that is set to be used with a given database provider.

SetHistoryContextFactory(String, Func<DbConnection,String,HistoryContext>) SetHistoryContextFactory(String, Func<DbConnection,String,HistoryContext>) SetHistoryContextFactory(String, Func<DbConnection,String,HistoryContext>)

Adds a new factory for creating HistoryContext instances to be used for a given database provider.

SetSqlGenerator(String, MigrationSqlGenerator) SetSqlGenerator(String, MigrationSqlGenerator) SetSqlGenerator(String, MigrationSqlGenerator)

Adds a new SQL generator to be used for a given database provider.

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