EntityConnection.StoreConnection Property


Provides access to the underlying data source connection that is used by the EntityConnection object.

 property System::Data::Common::DbConnection ^ StoreConnection { System::Data::Common::DbConnection ^ get(); };
public System.Data.Common.DbConnection StoreConnection { get; }
member this.StoreConnection : System.Data.Common.DbConnection
Public ReadOnly Property StoreConnection As DbConnection

Property Value


The DbConnection for the data source connection.


If the EntityConnection object is closed, the returned data source connection will be closed. If it is open, an open data source connection will be returned. If the data source connection information was set, the returned value is always non-null. If there is no data source connection information (for example, if the parameterless constructor was used and no connection string was set afterwards), then a null reference is returned.

The same data source connection used by the Entity Framework can be shared with other parts of an application. The data source connection is returned as a DbConnection object from the Connection property of ObjectContext, or from the StoreConnection property of EntityConnection.

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