SqlEnclaveSession SqlEnclaveSession SqlEnclaveSession SqlEnclaveSession Class


Encapsulates the state of a secure session between SqlClient and an enclave inside SQL Server, which can be used for computations on encrypted columns protected with Always Encrypted.

public ref class SqlEnclaveSession
public class SqlEnclaveSession
type SqlEnclaveSession = class
Public Class SqlEnclaveSession


SqlEnclaveSession(Byte[], Int64) SqlEnclaveSession(Byte[], Int64) SqlEnclaveSession(Byte[], Int64) SqlEnclaveSession(Byte[], Int64)

Instantiates a new instance of the SqlEnclaveSession class.


SessionId SessionId SessionId SessionId

Gets the session ID.


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GetHashCode() GetHashCode() GetHashCode() GetHashCode()

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GetSessionKey() GetSessionKey() GetSessionKey() GetSessionKey()

Gets the symmetric key that SqlClient uses to encrypt all the information it sends to the enclave using the session.

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