UniqueConstraint.Table UniqueConstraint.Table UniqueConstraint.Table UniqueConstraint.Table Property


Gets the table to which this constraint belongs.

 virtual property System::Data::DataTable ^ Table { System::Data::DataTable ^ get(); };
public override System.Data.DataTable Table { get; }
member this.Table : System.Data.DataTable
Public Overrides ReadOnly Property Table As DataTable

Property Value

The DataTable to which the constraint belongs.


The following example returns a UniqueConstraint object's DataTable.

Private Sub GetTableFromConstraint()
    Dim dataTable As DataTable
    Dim uniqueConstraint As UniqueConstraint

    ' Get a UniqueConstraint.
    uniqueConstraint = _
        CType(DataSet1.Tables("Suppliers").Constraints(0), _

    ' Get the DataTable.
    dataTable = uniqueConstraint.Table
End Sub

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