EventRecord.Keywords Property


Gets the keyword mask of the event. Get the value of the KeywordsDisplayNames property to get the name of the keywords used in this mask.

 abstract property Nullable<long> Keywords { Nullable<long> get(); };
public abstract long? Keywords { get; }
member this.Keywords : Nullable<int64>
Public MustOverride ReadOnly Property Keywords As Nullable(Of Long)

Property Value


Returns a long value. This value can be null.


The keywords for an event are used to group the event with other similar events based on the usage of the events. Each keyword is a bit in a 64-bit mask. Predefined bit values and reserved bits occupy the top 16 positions of this mask, leaving the manifest to use any bits between 0x0000000000000001 and 0x0000800000000000.

The standard event keywords are defined in the StandardEventKeywords enumeration.

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